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Notorious Study Guide
Notorious Study Guide

Notorious Study Guide

An Integrated Study of the Rogues, Scoundrels, and Scallywags of Scripture

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Notorious, a nine-week small group series, takes a look at the “bad” men and women of the Bible - there is much that we can learn from their lives. Throughout the series, we look at characters who were enemies of the gospel, and defied the purposes of God. Their stories are often overlooked they are the biblical ‘baddies’, but we can learn from their mistakes and sins. Sometimes their stories had a happy ending, like Saul the persecutor who became Paul the apostle - but usually, because they didn’t learn from their poor choices, they repeated them throughout their lives. Church leaders will have access to simple, media-rich resources to help their congregants and small group attendees maximize the benefit of the series. An entire congregation can journey through these stories together-with weekly sermons, small group curriculum, and even daily bible reading notes, this is a coordinated study adventure. Currently its possible to order a ‘meal in a box’- all the ingredients are provided, but the actual meal is created in the recipients kitchen. This is the vision behind ‘Notorious’: to offer carefully prepared ready-to-use resources that are completely adaptable to any local context. Resources include: Customizable Sermon Outlines and Power Point slides that can be tailored to a specific church. Additionally, Daily Bible Reading Notes will be available to individuals and Small Group members to read and reflect on the teaching. Jeff Lucas writes with a light touch and humour, with practical life application to each study. Believing that good teaching should activate a search rather than end it, this product is designed to create a greater hunger for biblical truth as each story is viewed from a different angle.
ISBN: 9780830778676
Producer: David C. Cook
Product Code: 10065432
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 224
Release Date: 01.09.2019
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