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Simply the Best!

I expect we all have opinions when it comes to our choice in books and music; whether it be a novel you studied at school or a song you heard at a memorable time in your life.  For whatever reason they stand out as simply the best!  Similarly is there a Christian book or worship song that has left a lasting impression on you, I guess the answer for many would be “yes”. 

Annually those of us who work in the Christian retail trade have the opportunity to select what we consider to be the best recently released books, Bibles, music, films, gifts and cards at the Christian Resources Together Awards. It is an opportunity to vote on the products that, as retailers, we consider have made the most significant impact in sales and understanding of the Christian faith.

On behalf of Kingsway CLC Trust and the organisers of the Christian Resources Together Awards it is our privilege to bring to you the 2019 CRT shortlisted and award winners.

We do hope you enjoy browsing and take advantage of the many special pricing offers.

Stephen J Briars

Christian Resources Together