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Are You Ready To Say ‘Yes’ To God? by Wess Stafford

Are You Ready To Say ‘Yes’  To God? by Wess Stafford

Thousands of times a day, we stand at the crossroads of saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to choices that come before us— click here, buy this, support that. We’re hyper-stressed from over-packed lives that cry out for us to stand ever vigilant, deciding what and how much we can say yes to and still maintain a balanced and purposeful life. 

In reading Luis Bush’s The Yes Effect, you will take a joyful journey into the lives of amazing people across the globe who have realised their potential and God’s will by saying yes to the right things at the right time for the right reasons. For some, the yes decision means simply their quiet, timely blessing of one other person who desperately needed their hug, prayer, encouragement or rescue. For others, their yes moment has led to transformed communities—even nations. As you’ll soon read, a thoughtful, prayerful and obedient ‘yes’ leads to an adventurous, faithstretching odyssey that culminates in joy. The world is blessed and the kingdom of God expands as faithful people say yes to those whispered invitations from God that may seem uncomfortable, impossible, illogical, too sacrificial or even dangerous.

By saying yes to God, we join the long procession of those who have gone before us, not only our parents and grandparents, but all the way back to those brothers and sisters in faith from the early church.

I believe in the power of saying yes to God’s invitations in our unique places and pursuits. I believe in listening for opportunities to say yes. I believe in being open to the adventures God has planned for us. By the end of this book, I know you will too. 

About Luis Bush

LUIS BUSH is a prominent strategist and the originator of the 10/40 Window Movement, which has brought into focus the region of the world with the greatest human suffering combined with the least exposure to the gospel. Born in Argentina and raised in Brazil, Luis has traveled the world over for the sake of the Great Commission. Over the decades, through work with Partners International and AD2000 & Beyond, he and his network of catalysts have mobilised millions of believers to impact the world through devoted prayer and a lifestyle of service. 

*Article taken from CLC World Magazine Issue 1 / 2018

CLC World Magazine

CLC World Mission Magazine is the path that enables CLC international to share the current news, testimonies, prayer and praise throughout the world of CLC. Showcasing the ministry and how it's impacting and changing lives throughout the world every day.

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