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Defying Jihad - Interview with Esther Ahmad

Defying Jihad - Interview with Esther Ahmad
Together interviews Esther Ahmad about her new biography and faith.

Born into a Muslim family in Pakistan and raised as a devout follower of Islam, Esther was ready to give her own life in the pursuit of killing infidels.

Just days before she was due to depart for training, a series of events began in her life which led her to Jesus Christ. But what do you do when every single person in your family and community wants to kill you for your faith?

Your book tells an amazing story, and speaks to a very broad demographic. It will inspire people going through different walks of life and any trial, but is there a particular group you were aiming to reach as your priority?

The priority is definitely to reach Muslims and show them the truth, and that when they find that truth, not to be afraid of persecution because God is always behind you, and He is for you. But the issue is how to reach Muslims in the first place, and the answer is through Christians. I would encourage everyone to get an extra copy for a Muslim friend if you have one, and if you don’t have any then get an extra copy to give your Christian friend to encourage him/her. My next priority was to reach all broken Christians, and those going through trials. I want to inspire courage and show that our God is not sleeping, He always answers. He is moving and working in our lives. I hope my story will help others to build their trust in God.

One thing I feel is that many western Christians lack discipline, to read the Bible, to pray regularly and truly study God’s word. Like you say in the Q&A in the back of your book, you’ve observed in the West that even though people have the freedom to go to church and worship, they often choose to do other things, do you feel that your Muslim background contributed towards your ability to live out your new faith more diligently?

Yes. Our family was so particular to follow all the religious aspects of Islam. My mum taught me everything. Every day at 5am she got us up to read the Qu’ran and pray. If we missed it we didn’t have breakfast and had to wait till lunch. Even my husband, John, was raised (as a Christian) to read the Bible and pray before even taking a drink of water in the morning. He still loves this tradition and has always been so full of zeal and enthusiasm for God. He understands the importance of offering praise and honour to Him before you start the day. I would say that these things have helped to make spiritual discipline a natural thing to me.

How would you advise people who are ignorant about the Islamic religion? Is it important for us to understand it and how do you think we should go about learning more about it?

Yes, do the research. Most translations of the Qu’ran are deceptive and want to show Islam to outsiders as a peaceful religion. But if you truly compare the Bible and Qu’ran, you see where the latter unravels. 

You relied heavily on Scripture to guide you through the debates you faced and to give you courage throughout your journey. Which one has become your favourite, or the one you most cherish, and why?

John 14:6, when Jesus explains “I am the way the truth and the life”. This was what Jesus told me when he came to me in the dream which truly set me on the path to salvation. As much as I cherish the entire Bible, this verse will hold a special place because of that experience. I also very much enjoy the Psalms, and reading through the trials of David, and the gospels because I relate to the apostles and their struggles. And I love Genesis, because it all made sense; with the Qu’ran pieces are always missing.

Have you met many other Christians with stories similar to yours?

Sadly not yet. But I still hope to.

Is there anything you would like to say to the people who will be selling your book? 

This story is to glorify God. It’s not just my story, but a story of God’s goodness, and throughout the whole book you will see that Jesus is always the hero. If you sell just one copy to a person and that person repents and comes closer to God, there will be celebration in heaven. 


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