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Into the Land by Mike Dwight

Into the Land by Mike Dwight

A new journey requires a new encounter with God and a fresh understanding of His goodness. In my first book “Out of the Desert”, God’s initial challenge to me, after decades of ministry in Asia, was to get ready for a new journey, just as Moses and the people were instructed. 

The last 35 years of mission ministry in Asia has taken me through many countries. They have become familiar. However, this journey of breakthrough and revival brings with it mixed feelings as it is new territory. First, one of great joy and privilege as God gives us the opportunity to journey with Him. Secondly, one of apprehension, knowing the degree of change that God will require of me.

Starting point

We follow Moses and Israel from Exodus 33 into the land. For Moses and the people the desert became a special place of encounter and provision. There were remarkable moments as God revealed Himself, demonstrating His power and provision to the people, but it was not to be their final destination. 

Learn from the desert but don’t live there!

Most of us have had spiritual desert times, often failing to understand why, and often becoming discouraged to the point of giving up. The danger when in the desert is to misunderstand both God and our circumstances, resulting in the temptation to redefine God by our circumstances. It’s time to “look up”. He is always good, and will always work things out for our good. The desert is to be a training ground. God’s journey was for Israel to go “Into the Land”. Fresh encounters with God are essential, but they need to be worked through the daily pattern of listening and obeying. 

At this point we need Mercy and Grace

God spoke to Moses in Exodus 33:19 and this applies to us too, a deeper understanding of grace and mercy.  God displayed His goodness in all its fullness to Moses, and this was an overwhelming declaration of His mercy and grace. So before we move on let’s:

  • bathe afresh in the mercy of God. He pardons and forgives our sin and does not remain angry with us, but delights to show mercy.
  • be in awe of God’s grace. Grace enables us to lift our heads and exchange our prison cell and rags for the royal robe of His righteousness and His presence.

The truth is that mercy and grace have no beginning and no end because they are central to God’s character. 

Be ready (Exodus 34:2)

Get ready to live on the edge of impossibility. Get ready to move out of your comfort zone. This prophetic word counters the view that “if God wants to bring in a new day He will, and there is nothing we can do about it”. God’s word to Moses and to us today has two sides to it: the divine sovereignty of God and the spiritual readiness of man. James McQuilkin, when challenged about revival said, “If God has visited His people before, why not again?” 

Is there any rush or urgency?

Whilst I can be a good steward of God’s chronos (the moment by moment, day to day issues), as we prepare to move on this journey I need to be aware of God’s kairos moment, i.e. what is on God’s heart now! The lesson at this moment is, “don’t let your diligence to the chronos block your awareness of God’s kairos moment”. Complacency is the enemy of the Holy Spirit.

In the morning

“In the morning” can symbolise the start of a new and ever-increasing awareness and experience of all that God desires to do in our lives and in the world. A new morning of:

  • renewal and hope
  • revelation and discovery

Moses himself was no stranger to renewal, revelation, discovery and hope, and we all have our own testimonies. But this new morning will open our eyes afresh to the wonder and beauty of Jesus and the much more of all He longs to do.

Only one response makes sense 

Present yourself to God on the mountain. Why?

  • Because we have never been this way before
  • Because we are often too familiar with our territory and journey
  • Because there is a huge gulf between where we are now spiritually and where God wants to take us

How are our lives defined: desert wandering or entering new land? We settle too easily, seeking the comfortable middle ground rather than "living on the edge of impossibility" (p29). This is not just for the eccentric few. It should be normal Christianity, as defined by a walk of faith, made possible by his grace and mercy. "I have been in awe of Moses and his leadership" (p.98). He knew that he would never enter the land but that didn’t dampen his enthusiasm, commitment or faithfulness to God and His people.

  • His ministry was solely for God and directed by God
  • He lived for God’s people to enter the land
  • He lived to give the people the godly leadership they needed to enter

Joshua provided that leadership, and he spoke these words of faith to Israel, and God speaks these same words to us: “Consecrate yourselves for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you”. (Joshua 3:5)

Now is the time to present ourselves to God! 

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