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Scripture Union launch their new edition of 'Its Your Move'.

Scripture Union launch their new edition of 'Its Your Move'.

I’m delighted to have this opportunity to talk about the new edition of It's Your Move. It has been an absolute pleasure to work on this new edition. What particularly excites me about It’s Your Move is the young people that it reaches. The nature of distributing a book in a school setting means that there will be great diversity in the faith background that the young people come from. At Scripture Union our focus is sharing the good news of Jesus with children and young people who don’t know him, so we are delighted that over the last few years we have been able to help 1.6 million young people explore the difference that Jesus makes to the challenge and adventure of moving school, the vast majority of whom do not come from a church background.

The new edition of It’s Your Move explores different areas of secondary school life and addresses the questions and concerns that young people have, with practical tips and advice as well as real life survival stories from other young people who have gone through the secondary school move and seen the difference that Jesus made for them. With Bible passages that shed light on relevant areas such as friendship, bullying and learning, It’s Your Move presents the Bible in a relevant and engaging way that children from all faith backgrounds will be able to interact with.

It’s Your Move gives churches and youth workers an opportunity to engage with young people who may not ever walk through their church doors and brings the good news of Jesus to them where they are. It’s Your Move is typically distributed through churches and groups who will go into a primary school, run an assembly or lesson designed to prepare them for moving school and help them engage with the content and advice in the book. It is also available for purchase by parents or family members who would like to give it as a gift to the young people in their life.

The new edition is split up into 3 sections – the Survival Guide which contains articles on various aspects of secondary school life and top tips and advice from current secondary school students; the Survival Journal which allows young people to personalise their copy of the book and reflect through writing, drawing and doodling; and the Survival Stories which details real life experiences from current secondary school students. 

This new edition has been written as a result of research carried out with young people, their parents and those who have used the books in schools before. The content is a combined effort of youth workers, teachers and young people themselves which we hope provides rich and relevant content.

Jesus is relevant to every area of our lives and it is my hope and prayer that through It’s Your Move young people, irrespective of their faith background, will come to recognise his place and relevance in their life today, that they will know that he truly cares about everything that concerns them.

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