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A Muslim Woman, an Encounter with Jesus, a Life Changed…

A Muslim Woman, an Encounter with Jesus, a Life Changed…

Rachael Franklin from Authentic Media talks about the inspiring story behind the new biography The Season of Singing Has Come.

The news is so often full of stories about the rise of ISIS but what doesn’t seem to hit the headlines are the stories of Muslims having life changing encounters with Jesus. One such incredible story is told in the new biography The Season of Singing, released by Authentic Media in October. 

Russian born Shaadia Firoz grew up in a Muslim family in the fearful shadow of her drunken and abusive father. From an early age she was searching for a close relationship with Allah but she could never find the peace she so longed for. Suffering both physical and sexual abuse and made to feel worthless simply for being born a girl, Shaadia dreamt of escaping her miserable life by becoming a famous singer to prove that she was worthy of praise.

After a traumatic incident robbed her of her voice, she battled to recover and incredibly did become a famous singer in her native Russia. Yet achieving the fame and adulation she had so craved in reality did little to fill her sense of emptiness, and a desperate search to fill this longing had her looking for love in all the wrong places.

Abusive relationships, a forced abortion, a kidnap attempt, and a narrow escape from an honour killing ensured that Shaadia found life a terribly empty and painful experience. But everything changed when she encountered Jesus and she finally experienced unconditional love. Not that life suddenly became easy overnight though. Hurts were deeply embedded, and by her own admission, her lifestyle had left her broken and in deep pain.

But God graciously healed her, especially by revealing himself as her Father, which was a very difficult idea for her to understand. “He wanted me to know him as Father and find healing, security, freedom, and above all the true identity that one can gain only through a father's love and care.” ‘

A reminder that God’s love is far greater than we could ever imagine.’ Dr C Rosalee Velloso Ewell

Living as a Christian convert in a Muslim environment, Shaadia has continued to follow Jesus, and now passionately lives out her calling to preach the gospel, even in the most costly or dangerous situations. As she humbly states: “There are some threats from time to time, dangers at every step. But I don't think about it. I think about God and how to conquer everything by his love and wisdom.”

Writing this book has not been an easy experience for Shaadia, as even though she has been healed from her past, revisiting those dark times has been painful. However, Shaadia took comfort from the fact that she had been obedient to God by writing her story: “God wanted not just to do this miraculous work in me but also to use my story to encourage and set free many others who are suffering in the slavery of pain, guilt, shame and self-condemnation.”

‘Challenging, honest, raw and inspired.’

Looking back over all that God has done has also been really positive. When asked what message she would give to her past self Shaadia replied: "Take courage girl. You have such a great future! It's a lot better than you could ever imagine. God knows you and loves you; the day will come for sure when you will know him personally."

And that sums up this amazing  testimony: the rules and regulations of a religion do not meet the heart’s desire to belong and be known – only Jesus can do that, and Shaadia’s life is a living testimony that no matter how dark the pit, whatever the background, culture or religion, Jesus loves us and can save and restore us.

This book will be a great encouragement to Christians that God’s love does indeed conquer all, but will also be perfect to give to non- Christians to show God’s love at work in the messiness of life. Shaadia says: “I hope and pray that people will experience a powerful encounter with the True God and want to live full out for him.”


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