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Professor Bumblebrain’s Bonkers Easter

Professor Bumblebrain’s Bonkers Easter

With Easter fast approaching my Professor Bumblebrain’s Absolutely Bonkers Easter comic is presently getting its annual airing.

If you’ve not come across Professor Bumblebrain, allow me to introduce you to this cartoon creation of mine.

Boasting a brain the size of a large cabbage (and who’s to disagree) this eccentric character considers it his duty to educate us lesser mortals (in particular kids) about all manner of meaty theological, Christian or Bible-based topics, peppering his no-nonsense (blunt) approach to education with his dubious attempts at humour.

Somehow the Professor managed to persuade the good people at CWR to produce a whole range of products with his name on them.

Whilst Professor Bumblebrain might lack the self-awareness to recognise that not everyone has his mental prowess, Einstein, his long suffering pet cat has no qualms in pointing out his foibles and failings.

Having already written a couple of other children’s book ranges - Boring Bible and 50 Bible Stories series - I wanted to do something a bit different and the Professor Bumblebrain series was created to tackle some of the more meatier themes that children need to grapple with but in a fun, informative and engaging manner.

The Professor Bumblebrain books present the information in such a way as the reader can come to their own personal understandings or conclusions without simply being told this is what they have to believe.

The Professor Bumblebrain’s Bonkers book series covers the themes of: God, Jesus, Prayer, Parables, Creation and Bible Heroes.

Alongside these books I’ve employed Professor Bumblebrain in the services of producing three seasonal comics in which children get given an overview of Halloween, Christmas and of course, Easter, all from a Christian perspective, but allowing the child the freedom to gain a personal grasp of what these fixtures on the calendar are about.

The comics have been designed to be used as giveaways not only in a church setting but for children who have little in-depth knowledge of Halloween, Christmas or Easter.

Without stealing too much of its thunder, in Professor Bumblebrain’s Absolutely Bonkers Easter comic the child gets to find out the origins of our Easter traditions (and upset the Easter Bunny along the way), the size of the world’s biggest Easter Egg (not telling), why it’s called Easter and the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. 

As if Professor Bumblebrain didn’t need his head to be any bigger, his Bonkers Book on Parables was the Children’s category winner in the Speaking Volumes Christian Book Awards 2014. 

I hope you enjoy these books and comics and my prayer is that they will be a fun way of children growing in their knowledge and understanding of God.

Professor Bumblebrain's Absolutely Bonkers

Andy Robb

An award-winning children’s author and illustrator with nearly 50 books to his name including the popular ’50 Bible Stories’ series. He’s also the creator of Derek the Cleric and along with his wife, Jane he leads Revival Church Billericay.

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