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Q&A with Emily Owen, Author of God’s Calling Cards

Q&A with Emily Owen, Author of God’s Calling Cards

Why did you choose to write God’s Calling Cards? How does the topic speak to you? 

I’ve long been drawn to times in the Bible when God calls to someone, rather than speaks, and was privileged to find myself writing about those times. For me, calling to someone implies coming close – being deaf, if someone wants to call me and get my attention, they need to come close enough to tap my arm. So, using that premise, God comes close enough to call. I wanted to see which situations he called into.

The guidance God offers you is evident through your writing; are there any specific calling cards that you feel he leaves for you? 

One he leaves me is ‘assurance’. Assurance that I’m not on my own, that he will enable me; that it’s ok when I feel I can’t do things, because I can rely on him.

You’ve written several books in your career as an author; have you noticed any differences in your experience of writing this book in comparison to your other titles? 

This is my first book which so overtly combines biblical teaching and reflections with my own story. My other books either don’t mention me at all, combine testimony with reflections, or are ‘all me’, in the case of my memoir. The combination of Bible and me in God’s Calling Cards is an approach I often take when I’m speaking.

You use passages of personal testimony in God’s Calling Cards, some of which may have been traumatic to experience; how have you found it to relive these events? 

Yes, there were some traumatic times. It was hard to relive them but, at the same time, doing so gave me fresh understanding of the faithfulness of God. He never left me, however dark things got/get.

Do you identify with any of the stories you relay in God’s Calling Cards?

I identify with Moses, feeling inadequate for the task God gave him. I identify with Jacob, who wrestled with God. I think there are aspects of most of the characters’ stories I can relate to, really.

What do you hope readers will get most out of reading this book? 

A closer walk with God. An awareness of his presence with them all the time. A realisation of how relevant the Bible is to us, and how the stories found there have echoes in our own stories. An ability, whether for the first or fiftieth time, to be honest before God, and to know that’s ok.

There are examples of many characters being ‘called’ within the Bible; what drew you to these characters in particular? 

I noted years ago that there are times in the Bible when God ‘calls’ to someone, rather than speaks, and found it interesting, but it was not until God’s Calling Cards that I explored this further. So, all the characters featured in the book experience God – or an angel of God – calling to them.

What is your favourite part about writing devotional titles? 

The need to draw closer and closer to God, to discover his heart for us. And I love discovering new things about God and the Bible – there’s always more to find.

Has writing this book influenced your faith journey? Have you made any changes to how you approach your relationship with God as a result of writing this book?

Writing affirms me in my faith journey. It shows me again that God is real, and he’s with me (and all of us), right now. And, no matter what my rubbish looks like, he stays.

Perhaps writing the book has encouraged me to trust his leading more – I mean moment by moment. Expecting him to be in every single situation, and believing and allowing him to guide me.

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