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Some Bible with Your Breakfast?

Some Bible with Your Breakfast?

What prompted you to start the Bible & Breakfast challenge on your blog in 2016? How did the participants respond?

As a young mum, I wanted to read the Bible every day; I just felt like I didn’t have time. So a few years ago I invited my readers to join me in reading our Bibles while we eat breakfast – because behaviour science shows that we’re more likely to stick with a new habit if we link it to an existing habit. Over 1,000 women from around the world joined us that first year!

What are the common struggles that women experience with quiet time?

Aside from chores and screens competing for our time, another common but subtle struggle is an all-or-nothing mindset. Sometimes we believe that if we don’t have time for a full 30-60 minutes of Bible study and prayer, it’s better to put it off until we can find that time. But really, that time will never magically appear.

How do you coach people to prioritise time for talking to God and reading His Word when there seems to be no time? 

Start tiny. Read one verse while you eat breakfast. Listen to an audio Bible while you walk your dog. Read a psalm while brushing your teeth. Celebrate your progress. And when your tiny habit is established, then you can go deeper and further than before.

What’s at stake for the believer who doesn’t make time for spiritual habits?

The Bible tells us that in Jesus’ presence there is fullness of joy; at His right hand are eternal pleasures (Psalm 16:11). But for most of us, that’s not our daily reality. We imagine that someday, our lives will settle down, our bank accounts will fill up, and our relationships will mellow out. And then we will be truly happy. So we keep chasing this illusive dream, only to collapse into bed exhausted and discouraged at the end of the day. Jesus invites us to find joy in Him instead:

“Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28 NIV).

How is Bible & Breakfast different from other Bible reading plans?

Bible & Breakfast is a blended devotional and cookbook focused on helping you feed your body and soul together. Each day, you’ll find a new breakfast recipe, a snack-sized devotional for those mornings you’re in a rush, and an inductive study feast for when you can linger at the table with God’s Word.

You don’t have to rearrange your schedule for Bible & Breakfast – it’s meant to fit right into your busy life, because Jesus wants to meet us right in our mess.

Is this devotional only for women? Do you need to be a breakfast person?

While I’ve written this devotional with women in mind, the Scriptural truths found within the pages are applicable to women and men alike.

And you don’t have to be a breakfast person to enjoy Bible & Breakfast – you can do this any time! Think creatively about how to start your own tiny Bible habit, whether it’s during morning commute, lunchtime, or bedtime.

How did you decide which recipes to include?

I hand-picked my family’s favourite recipes that are healthy, yummy, and quick to make. I chose breakfasts that incorporate lots of colourful fruits and veggies, good fats, whole grains, plenty of protein, and natural sugars… foods that my active children and husband are delighted to eat.

And I’ve included meal prep tips to minimize the morning rush. 

My husband and I are expecting our second child and it is a huge thing for us to make sure we set a positive example for our children when it comes to pursuing God and His Word daily; could Bible & Breakfast help us do that?

First of all – congratulations! This is a wonderful blessing! 

Let me encourage you to establish this habit of Bible & Breakfast in your own life first. Then, as children age and “interrupt” your time alone in God’s Word, welcome them to join you.

Embrace their questions and look for ways to make Bible & Breakfast fun for the whole family. Use silly voices for different characters in the Gospels, role-play the story, or pull out essential oils to illustrate a parable. 

Keep your Bible & Breakfast time simple and fun, and your children will grow up cherishing God’s Word.

How can readers learn more, and where can they find you?

Find more ideas and helpful resources at, and find me on Instagram @asheritah.


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