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Wendy H. Jones - A Writer’s Life for Me

Wendy H. Jones - A Writer’s Life for Me

Although that’s not the way it started out. My original career was as a nurse, firstly in the Royal Navy and then in the Army. I had a fabulous time, swanned around the world enjoying the sights and sounds and never went to war. I loved it and made the most of every glorious minute. However, during that time my early love of writing grew as I documented my travels and the places I visited. 

My writing career started at the tender age of five when I received a typewriter as a present. My mother obviously knew I was destined for a literary career. My first pieces were Noddy fan fiction – and how I wish I still had those now. However, it was not to be – army life does not allow for keeping treasured memories. Fast forward to 2019 and I am now a published author with eleven books to my name. Two of my publishers are Christian – Books to Treasure and Sarah Grace Publishing. Whilst I do not write specifically Christian books, they are suitable for any audience.

My writing life has been one long heady whirl. I am blessed with all that has happened since I started my new writing career six years ago. I am fortunate that as a debut author my first book, Killer’s Countdown, took off and sold extremely well. This led to five more books in the series and I am currently writing book number seven. During this time, I was signed by Adrianne Fitzpatrick of Books to Treasure for a three-book contract for a young adult series – The Fergus and Flora Mysteries. It was fun to write about a couple of teenagers and get them to act out the type of thing I would like to have done when I was younger. 

Being asked to write a children’s picture book was a particular highlight. I signed a contract with Malcolm Down and Sarah Grace Publishing and Bertie the Buffalo came to fruition. It is worth noting that I met Malcolm and Sarah at my first CRT four years ago and never for a moment thought I would end up signing a book contract with them. God obviously had different ideas, for which I am grateful.

Thus, the whirlwind life of a writer continued. Since then I have spoken at numerous conferences, nationally and internationally including the United States and Canada. It’s a grand life for a ‘wee lassie from Dundee’ as they would say around my way. Last year I was appointed as the President of the Scottish Association of Writers. Just in time to prepare for the 50th Anniversary Conference. No pressure there then. The conference happened in March and thankfully went with a swing and without a hitch. In fact, everyone said they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. As the president, it is an honour to support Scottish Writers and to be a part of the Scottish Writing Community. There is a vibrant reading and writing scene in Scotland, with writing groups becoming more prolific and more people joining them every month. Whilst this makes my job as president harder, it also excites me.

As if that was not enough, I am also the Webmaster for the Association of Christian Writers and the Secretary for the Society of Authors in Scotland. Why all three? Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment, or maybe God wanted a Christian in all of these posts.
Throughout everything my Christian faith has played an important role. God and prayer are at the centre of everything I do. I believe he has smoothed the paths and opened up opportunities that otherwise would not have been open to me. One such example was being able to run a crime festival at Glamis Castle. This is the home of the Earl of Strathmore and the Queen Mother’s childhood home. He put everything in place for me to meet the right person and Crime at the Castle came to fruition. I know I am fortunate and indeed blessed with the path my writing journey has taken over the last six years. I am very much looking forward to seeing where the next six, and indeed more, will take me. I would like to thank CRT for being a very large part of that.
Throughout everything my Christian faith has played an important role. God and prayer are at the centre of everything I do.
Wendy H Jones is a writer and speaker and President of the Scottish Association of Writers and Webmaster for the Association of Christian Writers.


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