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Living The Holy Life

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A passionate challenge to walk in the way of holiness, from one of today's most compelling Bible teachers. Simon Ponsonby has been called a 'preacher's preacher' on the one hand, and a 'people's theologian' on the other. He speaks and writes from a passion to see God glorified and people's lives changed - and with an increasing concern that too often, even those who are deeply committed to Christianity and church still don't seem to be much different from anyone else. In this punchy new book Simon sets out the challenge for all of us to look hard at our own lives and think about the life God is calling us to - to deal with the things that prevent us from following in spirit and in truth, and to face up to our failure to be true to the task God has set us. Tackling tough issues from porn to family life and digging deep into Bible stories from classics like Daniel and the Lion's Den to hard passages like those dealing with the Israelites' worship of Baal and Asherah, Simon takes us with him on a wide-ranging journey into the heart of what God wants for his people.
Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN: 9781473617810
Product Code: 446204
Binding: Paperback
Release Date: 10.03.2016

Comments and reviews

CLC World Review  (24.10.2017)

This is a call for Christians to live a life of holiness. The author’s observation is that very often outside the church Christians are not distinguishable from those who do not profess a Christian faith. He has also noticed inconsistency in the lives of many Christians, who act in one way in church, and give the impression that everything is fine, but whose lives “in the world” are totally different - such issues as child abuse and pornography within the church are evidence of that. The author calls for a radical change of attitude and a more serious level of commitment and discipleship amongst Christians. This book is not difficult to read, but is quite hard-hitting and may not appeal to those who are not really serious about discipleship - though its message is much-needed.
Jean Mintoft, CLC World Reviewer

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